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Remove Competition with
Complex de-ranker SEO strategy
You keep seeing all kinds of negative SEO plans over the internet, with which to attack specific websites with negative links, toxic links, and any kind of banned links to harm their websites`s ranks. Well, the flaw with that strategy is that all these links are easily discovered and disavowed, so the negative effect, even if it comes immediately, it is temporary. As once they disavow the links, their ranks recover and even get higher than before.

To combat this flaw we came up with this unique strategy, which will make the links very hard to be discovered and almost impossible to recover from. Google will consider this not as Negative links but as bad SEO.

The strategy:
We will build whitehat links that are done manually by our SEO Team, clean profiles, but with duplicate content and with abusive exact keywords match anchors. Which is very bad for the ranks and is considered a big mistake in today’s SEO world.

The negative effect is much greater than the traditional Negative campaigns, see below:

We can offer multiple options, based on your requirements:
Level 1 = 300 highly diversified links
Level 2 = 800 highly diversified links
Level 3 = 1500 highly diversified links
Level 4 = 4000 highly diversified links

This is a complex and misleading strategy, to fool google and the attacked site

The reports will be delivered within 2 weeks’ time, no matter the magnitude of it, and the SEO effect comes within 1 month and last much longer than the traditional Negative SEO Campaigns.

Negative SEO attack Services. Deindex bad competitors from Google. It works with any Website, video, blog, product or service.

Why should you play fair if they won`t? Are your competitors applying bad SEO tactics towards your already ranked website? FIGHT BACK. They won`t even know what hit them.

Negative SE0 is a ruthless tactic that is not for faint hearted search engine optimizer, do you have what it takes to de-rank your competitors and prosper in SERP glory?

Do you have competitors that don`t play fair in terms of SEO? Then why should you? Hire us and we`ll implement this sophisticated Negative SEO strategy. Full reports provided in 2 weeks’ time.


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