Many websites, especially local business websites, have very low Authority. This service is perfect for any business wanting to prove to Google that their website should be given priority over their competitors due to the increased Authority and the number of High Authority referring domains.

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Increases the Domain Rating of your Website

Helps your Website to Rank for more Keywords

  • A Gmail account is created & profiled, and we use this in the account creation process.
  • We then MANUALLY create accounts on sites like:
  • All sites have been selected and tested based on their High Domain Authority, Domain Rating, and Page Authority Metrics
  • Each site links to your Website / URL. Note this could be used to power up your GMB, Video, or some other URL.
  • If one of the High Authority sites is a blog, an article is posted and the Do-Follow link is created which links to your Website using one of the Keywords as Anchor Text.
  • The Public Google Sheet link is then backlinked as well as all the High Authority links created with 5000+ Niche Relevant blog posts to help pass Relevance and Authority through the Do-Follow links to your Website / URL. Note: In the blog posts, we can embed your GMB Map, video, and any image URLs you provide.
  • You are then given two Google Sheets. One is made Public and the other is made Private. The Public Google Sheet has all your High Authority links and the Private Google Sheet has all your Login Information to each site we created an account on.
  • Links created are then sent for Indexing to Omega Indexer.
  • A screenshot is taken of the Domain Rating of your website before we start the process. Then in 30 days, we will update the Google Sheet with another screenshot showing the increase of the Domain Rating.
    • Note: If your current Domain Rating is less than 10 for example, you can expect to have a Domain Rating of around 30+ in 30 days.
    • If your Domain Rating is already above 30 or so, there won’t be much increase in the Domain Rating but you will have an increase of High Authority referring domains coming into your Website and this will help to increase organic rankings.

Turn Around Time: 3-4 weeks unless you ordered priority service.

Note we update the Google Sheet in 30 days to show the results. Only Ahrefs is used to show the Before and After results of any increases in the Domain Rating

Service Priority

Chose an option, 4 weeks wait -$347, 3 weeks wait -$347, 2 weeks wait -$447, 1 week wait -$347


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