Backlinks can boost your website’s domain rating, increase your audience reach, and help you achieve more organic traffic. However, getting backlinks for a website is much easier said than done. It takes a lot of back and forth coordination and content creation before you can get a single backlink to your site. Because of this, more and more people are starting to buy backlinks to get ahead of their competition this 2022.

If you are interested in buying backlinks for your website, you must move cautiously. As you may know, the world of SEO is filled with black hat and white hat strategies. White hat strategies are favored by search engine algorithms, while black hat SEO strategies are penalized. If you don’t know how to buy backlinks the right way, you risk getting black hat backlinks that Google can detect and penalize you for.

link building for SEO

As we mentioned in our introduction, you have to be extra wary when your out to buy backlinks. Backlinks buying has grown popular these past few years because of Google’s algorithm changes. Websites that get on the first page of Google today for long-tail keywords have an average of 2-3 backlinks. Can you just imagine how many more backlinks you’ll need if you’re going to target a high-volume root keyword?

Because backlinks SEO has become an important SEO factor today, it has become quite easy to buy backlinks cheap. Cheap backlinks may help you save a couple of bucks at first, but they’re most likely not the kind of backlinks that you’d like to have for your website.

One more important thing you should also know is that Google considers backlinks buying a black hat strategy. This is why buying backlinks is considered bad for SEO and is not recommended.

So what does this mean for you if you want to buy quality backlinks? There is really no safe buy when it comes to directly buying backlinks. Quality backlinks aren’t often sold as-is but are built through an effective link-building strategy. So if you think you can buy links and end up with quality backlinks, think again.

Purchased white hat backlinks are technically brought upon by link building services. There are SEO experts and SEO agencies that offer high-quality backlinks through several link building packages. Each SEO expert or agency has his or their own link building strategies. If you want to get high-quality backlinks, you must find an SEO expert or agency that has a proven track record for white hat backlinks.

There are countless link building tactics that you can try to get other websites to give you backlinks. Aside from buying links, other things you can do to build backlinks include doing guest posts, having infographics or photos from your website featured in other websites, Google link building, and so much more.

The right way to backlinks buying is simply buying SEO link building services instead of buying links on their own. These days, business and website owners buy backlink packages to increase their website’s Google ranking and organic traffic. It’s much wiser to buy backlink packages because they usually contain multi-pronged link building techniques (ex: guest posts) that can improve search engine rankings.

You can buy backlink packages from digital marketing and SEO agencies. But before you buy backlink packages, you must first make sure that you need the SEO and link building services included in the package.

buy backlinks for SEO

If you go and search for the “best backlink service” on Google right now we’re sure you’ll find countless SEO and digital marketing agency websites that offer all sorts of quality link building services.

What you should look out for to ensure you get a quality backlinks service package are the strategies. The perfect SEO backlink service will contain strategies that can help you get backlinks from websites that matter. By websites that matter, we mean high authority websites or websites that get quality backlinks on their own as well.

When you start looking for a backlink building service provider, don’t forget to check what kind of backlinks they can offer for website link building. There are different kinds of backlink services that you can choose from. This is why you must make sure to buy SEO links that are relevant to your SEO needs.

Now that you know how to get more backlinks for your website, you should now start getting familiar with the different high-quality link building services you can get from SEO and digital marketing agencies.

Here are some types of link building services that can help you get white-hat backlinks for your website in 2022:

Tiered backlinks services are the most common among white hat backlinks services. If you decide to get a tiered backlinks service for your website, you will definitely see the difference compared to when you just buy links.

Unlike backlinks that you get from individuals or businesses that let you buy backlinks cheap, high-quality backlinks come from websites that get quality backlinks themselves.

Here’s an example to further explain: imagine you get website A to give backlinks to your website to increase your Google search rankings, but after a few months, the webpage you chose to get backlinks for doesn’t perform better. When you decide to check out why, you find out it’s because website A doesn’t get any traffic at all. Turns out website A has a bad domain rating and has caused your Google search rankings to plummet instead.

When a website has a lot of backlinks, its domain rating increases. This is important because it lets Google know that other websites build backlinks with this website. Google then sees this website as a credible source, therefore increasing its Google search ranking. It is these kinds of websites that you should be building backlinks with.

The problem is, websites with high domain authorities require huge amounts of money if you want to do guests posts and get backlinks from them.

Tiered link building SEO services are much more affordable than paying high authority websites to publish your guest post. The way it works is one website gives your website a backlink and that website gets more backlinks from other multiple websites and the other websites get more backlinks and so on and so on.

Now you may be thinking why there’s a need to get multi-tiered backlinks if you can just create multiple new websites and give yourself all the backlinks you need. This will never work. Not all backlinks are created the same. There’s a certain level of hierarchy that lets Google rate each domain’s sense of authority. This way Google can find out if you’re website is getting backlinks because of the quality of your content.

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LinkDaddy® does their tiered backlink campaigns by getting your website backlinks from over 150+ different high-authority niche-relevant websites. Each backlink is attached to your general anchor text keywords and they make sure you also get SEO dofollow links from those websites. All of this is done within a single week!

Business listing backlink services are another great way to boost your Google search ranking. If you don’t have any clue how to find website backlinks that can boost your SEO ranking, one place you should look for is business listings or business citations.

Business listings and citations offer exposure and additional authority to businesses and websites.  Adding links from your Google My Business listing for one is a great way to get business listing backlinks. One thing agencies know about how to get backlinks to your site is using business directories to get backlinks from targeted pages.

If you try to look up how to get good backlinks, you won’t find business listing backlinks on the top results. It’s not often done by many, which is why it’s a great link building strategy for 2022. In fact, if you try to lookup business directory backlinks, you may find that some people think it doesn’t help. What they don’t know is that backlinks from business listings help you get targeted traffic.

Think about it this way, people who visit business listing websites are out to look for specific products or services. If your website gets a backlink from a business listing website, you increase your chances of getting direct leads to your website.

One strategy you can try to boost your website’s SEO ranking is getting your citations indexed. LinkDaddy® can help you power up your business listings or citations by having your links up in a 3-tier linking structure. This means your citation will be included in over 5000+ articles included in the 3-tier structure.

What’s great about this strategy and backlink service is that you can have it done for you in just 7 days!

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Not all backlinks are created equal. For example, if you search for the different types of backlinks, you’ll definitely come across nofollow and dofollow SEO backlinks.

A dofollow link is basically a backlink that lets the origin site pass authority to the destination site while nofollow links do not. This means that if you want to boost or power up your website’s domain rating, you should work on acquiring dofollow backlinks.

Always remember to ask your link building agency what kind of backlinks they will be giving you. If you want to buy backlinks for SEO, keep in mind that the best link building service should contain an SEO strategy for getting dofollow links that can increase your website authority.

LinkDaddy® has an effective strategy for getting your website dofollow SEO links. They can get you quality dofollow SEO links by getting 300+ tier blog posts to link out to your website and by attaching your link to several anchor texts spread out over a 3-tier linking structure with over 2,500+ blogs. You can use this to boost your Website URLs, Inner Page URLs, GMB URLs, and Video URLs.

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Sometimes you may have enough backlinks on your website, but your domain rating is still lower than your competition. If you’re looking to get ahead of your competition by getting a higher domain rating than them, then your best chance to do so is by getting high-quality backlinks from other websites with high domain ratings.

Building backlinks with other high authority websites guarantees you’ll get a higher domain rating for your own website as well. Not many people know how to buy high-quality backlinks from high authority websites. This is why you can still find plenty of websites today with low domain ratings.

On average, websites have a domain rating between 40 and 50. If you’re aiming for a domain rating that’s considered good, 50 to 60 will do you right. But if you want to get ahead of the majority, you should aim to get a domain rating of 60 or above.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the daunting tasks of boosting your domain authority on your own. You can get help from a trusted SEO professional like LinkDaddy® to get you backlinks from high-authority websites.

LinkDaddy® manually creates profiles for your website or business in over 100+ high authority sites that will be linked to your website URL. They will also help you manage all your new high-authority links and have them indexed so all the links can be used to power up your website’s domain authority. These links will also be boosted by having them added to over 5000+ niche-relevant blog posts.

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If you are planning on getting more location-targeted traffic for your website, the best link-building service for you might be a Google Maps backlinks service.

Geo-relevant backlinks are powerful backlinks that can help you reach much more targeted audiences. Unlike niche relevant backlinks that help you get traffic from audiences interested in the niche alone, geo relevant backlinks help you get traffic from audiences that are in your targeted location as well.

One way to get ahead of your competition is by targeting locations that they have weak to zero presence in. You can use geo-relevant backlinks to get more exposure and to reach people who are looking for your product or service in specific locations.

One way you can get geo-relevant backlinks is by having link building partnerships with local brands, websites for local businesses, or even local influencers. However, if you want to get more reliable geo-relevant backlinks for your website, you might want to check out getting backlinks from Google Maps.

When businesses are established in Google maps, they can expect to gain a significant increase in website traffic. Plenty of people is starting to rely on Google maps to search for local businesses or for businesses in specific areas. If you buy quality backlinks without considering whether they’re geo relevant, you could miss out on targeting customers in specific locations.

Knowing how to get geo-relevant backlinks can greatly benefit your SEO or digital marketing campaign. It is a strong strategy that not many people are utilizing, but will do soon. So if you’re looking to buy quality backlinks, don’t forget to check for geo relevance as well. Doing so will not only help you get wide exposure but added reach for location-specific target audiences as well.

You can get quality geo-relevant backlinks from LinkDaddy® by trying out their strategic SEO Google Maps Ranking service. They can get you geo-relevant backlinks from over 300+ Tier 1 blog posts that link out to your website, Google My Business, or CID link. All the while, each blog post will be backlinked with 5 SEO DoFollow Backlinks Campaigns to further boost the power of your tier 1 backlinks. LinkDaddy® will also have your GMB and NAP spread out over 4 tiers that consist of 13,000+ blog posts.

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Did you know that you can make the most of your Google stacks by having them indexed to boost your ranking on SERPs? Using your Google stacks is a smart way to leverage Google’s domain authority to promote your business website. If you know how to use Google stack backlinks for SEO, you can use assets in your Google account to power up your SEO ranking.

All sorts of files can be indexed through Google stacks. If you constantly create content and have a wide selection of content in your Google docs, slides, forms, or any other Google platform, you can have them ranked in Google search. This is a great strategy for SEO if you’re running out of content to optimize or if you just need an extra boost for your SEO campaigns.

When you’re looking to buy quality backlinks, take time to check if the agency or SEO expert you are working with can help you out with leveraging your existing Google stacks. Here are some things that you can do with your Google stacks:

  • Get backlinks from Google.
    When you store your content on Google platforms, they fall under Google’s domain authority. So when you get them indexed, you’re basically showing Google that you have a backlink from a high-authority website.
  • Rank for keywords
    You can use Google stacks to have your documents ranking for certain terms with high search volumes.
  • Public Relations
    You can use Google stacks to bury unwanted search results about your brand or business. You can create several documents and rank them on Google to flood the SERPs with positive news about your business. However, this is not a permanent solution but rather a bandaid solution that can help you avoid bad press for a short period.

Now that you know about the different ways you can make use of Google stacks to improve your SEO ranking, all that there’s left for you to do is find a backlinks SEO package that includes Google stacks backlink services.

LinkDaddy® provides an extensive Google Stack backlink service package that can help you get your Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Images, and other Google links indexed. To achieve this, the SEO experts at LinkDaddy® organize all your available Google Stacks links and spin them into content spread over 3 tiers that consist of 5000+ niche-relevant blog posts. This way your Google stack links can be indexed by Google and can be used to power up your SEO ranking.

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Link building to achieve increased local traffic is one of the most underrated strategies in SEO. Many businesses or website owners tend to start their SEO campaigns focusing on high-volume terms thinking that this will help them get the most traffic. What they may not be considering is how high-volume keywords can also be high competition.

If your website is young and new, there’s little to zero chance you’ll rank for high-volume keywords with content optimization and link building alone. This is why it’s important to narrow down SEO campaigns to target ultra-specific audiences at first. One of the best ways to have location-targeted SEO campaigns is by focusing on local terms, optimizing for Google maps, and getting local geo-relevant SEO backlinks.

You can easily dominate search results in small regions by targeting local terms along with doing some link building with geo-relevant backlinks. When you get geo-relevant links directed towards your site, you make Google see your website as a credible local source, and whenever Google recognizes your website as a credible source, your SEO ranking increases.

There are many ways digital marketing and SEO agencies can achieve getting local geo-relevant SEO backlinks, so when you’re looking to buy quality backlinks to establish your brand presence in specific locations, always make sure that the service you are getting contains a local link building strategy that effectively targets getting local inbound links to your site.

If you’re looking for a tried and tested local backlinks service, you can try out LinkDaddy’s Local Backlinks service where they get over 150+ niche-relevant blog posts to link out to your website or GMB. These blog posts are then powered up with an SEO Dofollow Backlinks campaign themed for the city and/or location keywords. They’ll also embed your GMB and NAP on blog posts across all 4 tiers to create a strong link building structure.

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Do you have mass websites that aren’t properly indexed? If yes, you are missing out on the significant effects properly indexed inner pages can have on your SEO ranking.

When you use a mass page builder, you can easily end up with tens of thousands of pages filled with content that you can use to increase your website traffic through link building. The problem with link building for mass pages is that they require a lot of time and resources to get done. Fortunately, you can find SEO experts with strategies that can help you get inner pages as well as location pages indexed and ranking on Google search.

The best backlinking service for mass page websites can help you get all the location pages and inner pages indexed. Once all those are indexed, they can be ranked on Google or used for link building SEO campaigns. This has become one of the most popular SEO link building strategies today since mass pages that usually come in huge bulks can get you significant and noticeable results when you have all the inner and location pages indexed.

At LinkDaddy®, they help their clients index mass page website links by constructing a 3-tier linking structure supported by over 5000+ niche-relevant blog posts and having those blogs give backlinks to your website. They can also use your Google Stack links and add them to each of the 5000+ blog posts in all tiers of the linking structure.

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If you want to buy backlinks for your website, you should remember to only choose backlink building services over actual backlinks. buying actual backlinks can be dangerous and is considered a black hat strategy. Buying backlinks can get you penalized and can damage your SEO score. Instead, you should buy linkbuilding services from SEO experts or agencies.

You can buy quality backlinks by hiring someone to offer you link building services or backlink packages that can help you boost your website’s SEO ranking on Google search or other SERPs. When buying backlink services, always keep in mind to check what kind of backlink service will benefit your business the most.

As you can see, there is more than one kind of backlink service out there. Knowing about each one’s benefits will help you fine-tune your link building campaign. Doing so will not only let you increase your Google ranking but will also help you get more targeted audiences as well.


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